CBCGDF Climate Change Working Group Proposes to Establish a Complete Second-hand Commodity Circulation Mechanism | "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Construction of a Strong Quality City (Draft for Comments)"
2023/8/1 16:00:00 本站

At the end of June 2023, the Hangzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued an announcement on publicly soliciting opinions on the "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Construction of a Strong Quality City (Draft for Comments)". China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF) Climate Change Working Group actively responded to the call, and after serious research and discussion, submitted the following suggestion.

CBCGDF proposed a well-equipped second-hand commodity circulation mechanism for supporting the establishment of a community second-hand market and contributing to sustainable development.

Product quality is an important guarantee for human production and life, and building a quality country is a key measure for China to promote high-quality development and realize the transformation of the economy. However, although good quality products have a longer life, they still need to be supported by recycling mechanisms. We can often see that many items of good quality become unwanted garbage after a short period of use. For example, children's shoes and clothes, fast updated electrical appliances, etc., are obviously not broken and can be used, but they cannot continue to exert their value.

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