CBCGDF Holds Workshop on Advising 'Draft Regulations on River Sand Mining Management in Lincang City,' Assisting Scientific Decision-Making
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CBCGDF-BCON held a discussion workshop on the "Draft Regulations on River Sand Mining Management in Lincang City," actively responding to the call for public opinions from the Lincang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Office. The meeting, which took place on the morning of July 26, 2023, aimed to support ecological civilization construction and contribute wisdom and strength to scientific decision-making in our country.


Lincang City in Yunnan Province is located in a transition zone of major geographical units and fauna and flora, with abundant habitats and vegetation types and a rich variety of wildlife. For instance, the "Biodiversity Assessment Report of Lincang City" released in 2021 showed that the city is home to 64 species of amphibians from 3 orders, 11 families, and 34 genera, accounting for 33.86% and 12.42% of the amphibian species in Yunnan Province and the whole country, respectively. 

Among them, five species, including Ichthyophis bannanicus (版纳鱼螈), Tylototriton verrucoosus Anderson (红瘰疣螈), Tylototriton verrucosus (棕黑疣螈), Leptobrachium ailaonicum (哀牢髭蟾), and Hoplobatrachus rugulosus (虎纹蛙), are classified as the national level II key protected species. Additionally, Lincang City has 120 species of fish from 9 orders, 19 families, and 63 genera, accounting for 19.45% and 2.55% of the fish species in Yunnan Province and the whole country, respectively. Among them, there are 101 indigenous species and 19 introduced species, including five national level II key protected species such as Epalzeorhynchos bicornis (角鱼), Percocypris pingi regani (花鲈鲤), Percocypris pingi retrodorslis (后背鲈鲤), Bagarius bagarius (魾), and Bagarius yarrelli (巨魾). Thus, the impact of river sand mining on biodiversity in the area should not be overlooked. However, CBCGDF researchers found that the "Draft Regulations on River Sand Mining Management in Lincang City" currently released do not mention "endangered species", "biodiversity" or "ecological red lines" anywhere.


Credit: CBCGDF

CBCGDF-BCON has been committed to biodiversity conservation, and the "OceanWetlands" team has rich experience in wetland conservation. This meeting provided a platform for in-depth exchanges and discussions on the draft regulations. The focus of the meeting was to provide decision-making advice for the "Draft Regulations on River Sand Mining Management in Lincang City" and serve scientific decision-making of the local government to ensure that the regulations not only protect the ecological environment and biodiversity but also promote sustainable economic and social development.

During the meeting, experts in attendance conducted in-depth discussions on the specific contents and measures of the "Draft Regulations on River Sand Mining Management in Lincang City" and evaluated the potential impacts on the river ecosystem and the corresponding protection measures. Attendees expressed their opinions and put forward suggestions for the draft regulations, including paying attention to the impact on biodiversity (especially benthic organisms in aquatic ecosystems), considering ecological red lines, improving comprehensive public disclosure and relevant regulatory measures, and strengthening environmental risk assessments.

River sand mining projects should take into consideration the biodiversity footprint. It is crucial to assess and understand the potential impacts of such activities on the diverse range of plant and animal species that inhabit the river ecosystems. By incorporating measures to protect and conserve biodiversity, we can ensure sustainable development while preserving the delicate balance of nature.

The discussion meeting of CBCGDF-BCON and the "OceanWetlands" team provides valuable inputs for ecological civilization construction and scientific decision-making. The goal is to ensure the formulation of the river sand mining management regulations more scientifically and reasonably, in line with the needs of protecting the ecological environment and biodiversity, and promoting sustainable development in Lincang City and nationwide. The successful conclusion of this meeting will result in a draft proposal providing advice to the local government, contributing to China's remarkable achievements in ecological protection and realizing the harmonious coexistence of "Man and Nature" in ecological civilization and green development.

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(Note: This article is based on the meeting records and is for reference only.)

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1. Announcement on the Public Solicitation of Opinions on the "Draft Regulations on River Sand Mining Management in Lincang City" (2023-07-08)


Lincang City has completed the investigation and compilation of the "Lincang 2. City Biodiversity Assessment Report" (2021-10-08). For more information, please visit: https://www.lincang.gov.cn/info/1433/52971.htm

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