ZHOU Jinfeng Talks about Ecological Civilization: Will There be a Large Amount of Engineering Construction in the future? Thoughts Inspired by the London Underground Staff Strike
2022/7/5 17:20:00 本站

London Underground staff in the RMT union have voted to continue with strikes. Why? ? The direct reason is that their wages have been rising too slowly, which can't keep up with inflation. The indirect reason is the decrease of passenger flow of British subway, resulting in the continuous decline of ??efficiency and benefits. ? Why is this happening? Because ??COVID-19 has made many people work remotely from home, the decrease of traffic volume has led to the continuous decline of efficiency and benefits of London Underground.


By this event, ??I would like to repeat a very certain prediction, which was made in “Limits to Growth “50 years ago: ??our traffic volume, freight volume, water transportation volume as well as tourisms will definitely decline in the future. Why? ? ?Because we are faced with the changes unseen in a century, not only the COVID-19 outbreak, but also the accelerated development of both human globalization and localization. In the future,? industries will be fully developed locally and ?the demand for global exchanges will drop gradually. The large number of infrastructure and tourist attractions we have built will face the same situation.? What should we do? I think we should prevent the excessive application of the pure market mechanism of capitalism in the age of industrial civilization. We should make full preparations for the accelerating ecological civilization, which means when building new construction or new infrastructure, we should not only focus on increasing GDP and employment, while ignoring their ecological consumption and impact on nature.


In the era of ecological civilization, we should change. We should make prudent and scientific consideration in the construction of these large-scale projects and think about whether ??it should be built or not. When it is a must, we should make correct environmental impact assessment according to the requirements of ecological civilization. As a scientific and overall planning and design, the engineering construction needs to be guided by the idea of ecological civilization, which is the correct choice and path.


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