CBCGDF nominates overseas experts as "the Chinese Government Friendship Awards"
2022/6/23 18:09:00 本站

The world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. Many of our international friends, just like Norman Bethune of our time, have made important contributions to China's socialist modernization drive, to promoting exchanges and cooperation with other countries and to safeguarding world peace. In March 2022, the International Department of The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation sent letters to relevant departments, proposing to nominate overseas experts who knows well about China as for the " the Chinese Government Friendship Awards".


To strengthen and improve international communication work, it is necessary to better play the role of high-level experts and continuously expand the international circle of friends of overseas experts who knows well about China. In response to the call, CBCGDF put forward the above suggestions to relevant Departments in March 2022, aiming to improve the world's understanding of China and promote global joint construction by setting a model of friendship between China and foreign countries, conveying basic concepts such as friendship, peace, fairness and justice to the world.


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