11 Suggestions from CBCGDF on "The Classification and Evaluation of Star Ratings of Tourist Hotels" (Revised Draft for Comments)
2022/6/21 20:17:00 本站


China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation was informed that the National Tourism Standardization Technical Committee was publicly soliciting opinions on the national standard " Classification and Evaluation of Star Ratings of Tourist Hotels" (revised draft for comments). After careful study and discussion, CBCGDF has put forward eleven suggestions covering ecological civilization construction, biodiversity conservation, green building, environmental protection, epidemic prevention and control, and smoking control system and measures in public areas. Some of the recommendations are as follows:


1. The content of "ecological environment and biodiversity conservation" should be included in laws and regulations.


2. In the regulations of safety management, two clauses should be added: 1) the requirements of fire safety regulations should be met; 2) biosafety regulations should be complied with.


3. If there is a surface parking lot, nature-based solutions should be adopted such as permeable bricks. Hardening the ground should not listed as an option and allow weeds to grow in mesh format for better natural environmental protection.


Original Chinese Article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/HAZqXJANwgCaTpjKWpIDxQ

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