"Beijing Digital Economy Promotion Regulations (Draft for Comment)" | Science and Technology Ethics Group of CBCGDF Offers Suggestions for Regional Green Development
2022/6/16 14:15:00 本站

In order to promote the construction of ecological civilization, actively participate in scientific and technological governance, and make suggestions for the green development of the region, the International Science and Technology Ethics Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF) responded to the call and put forward the following 7 suggestions, please consider.


1. It is recommended to add scientific and technological ethics statement

In the 9434 words of the current manuscript, there is no mention of "technical ethics" or "ethics". The ethics of science and technology is the value concept and code of conduct that need to be followed in scientific research, technology development and other scientific and technological activities, and is an important guarantee for promoting the healthy development of science and technology.

2. It is recommended to add "safety" to Article 1 of the General Provisions

In the current draft for comments, there are 42 "safety" places in the whole draft, which can be said to run through the entire document. However, the emphasis on "safety" is not reflected in the "General Provisions No. 1". The inclusion of "safety" is recommended to reinforce bottom-line thinking and risk awareness.

3. It is recommended to include global digital governance and international cooperation in "Chapter 6 Digital Governance"

The sixth chapter "Digital Governance" in the current draft has covered many aspects (Articles 36 to 43), but two important aspects are missing: First, active participation in global digital governance and international cooperation in the digital economy. The second is to actively participate in academic exchanges on digital economy issues in international organizations, and carry out bilateral and multilateral digital governance cooperation. To this end, it is recommended to add these two items.

4. It is suggested to add a section: Strengthening theoretical research on the development of the digital economy

Throughout the whole text, there is no mention of basic theoretical research. It is suggested to add another new item: strengthen theoretical research on the development of digital economy, put forward countermeasures and suggestions on issues involving digital technology and digital economic development, and provide decision-making consultation for the top-level design and institutional mechanism construction of digital economic development in this city.

At present, the entire "Beijing Digital Economy Promotion Regulations (Draft for Comment)" lacks relevant expressions for supporting independent innovation. It is recommended to consider and add "independent innovation" to a suitable position. Relying on many colleges and universities, Beijing has abundant intellectual resources. It is recommended to fully tap its potential, encourage independent innovation, and provide resources and services for my country to seize opportunities in global digital governance and seize the commanding heights of future development.

It is proposed to include a clause on "bridging the digital gap". Although there are currently three references to "inclusive benefits", they still fail to fully consider the current situation of the knowledge and digital divides that may exist among different groups of people. To ensure fairness, it is proposed to add a provision on "Reducing the Digital Gap" to narrow the digital, technological and knowledge gaps that exist within different regions or groups in the city, and ensure that all citizens benefit from the development of Beijing's urban digital economy.

7. In the new pattern of digital economy governance, it is recommended to clarify "social organizations".


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