Zhou Jinfeng and ARCST Chairman Marco Antonio Cabero Zabalaga Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation
2022/3/28 14:56:00 本站

On the afternoon of March 24, 2022, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), and Marco Antonio Cabero Zabalaga, the Chairman of Latin American Andean Road Countries for Science and Technology (ARCST) signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. CBCGDF will help ARCST to improve the quality of media and information in Latin America. At the same time, ARCST and CBCGDF will jointly promote the implementation of the South-South Biodiversity Science Project (SSBSP) of CBCGDF in Latin America. Both parties agreed to cooperate in One Health and in research and development areas related to biodiversity and green development.

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