CBCGDF sent a letter to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration: It is recommended to carry out the pilot and monitoring of animal oral rabies vaccine
2022/3/17 11:43:00 本站

With the increasing frequency and close contact between humans and wild animals, and the overlapping habitats, the bio-security threats posed by zoonotic diseases, including rabies, are increasing day by day.


At present, developed countries in Europe and the United States have effectively controlled the spread of rabies by administering veterinary oral rabies vaccine to animals and moving the rabies prevention and control port forward. Previously, there was no veterinary oral rabies vaccine available for distribution to forest wild animals carrying rabies virus in my country, and the average rabies vaccination rate of pet dogs/cats carrying rabies virus was less than 10%, which could not block the rabies virus. Cross-species infection chain has made China the second largest "rabies endemic country" in the world just after India.


At present, the Chinese scientific research team has completed the major technical research and development of the veterinary oral rabies vaccine by the Ministry of Science and Technology, breaking through the long-term blockade of the "neck-stuck" technology imposed on China by the United States. After the acceptance of the industrialization project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the toxicity of the vaccine product is almost zero, and it can successfully replace the imported series of vaccines for prevention and control of rabies.

China is a party to the World Health Organization's goal of achieving zero rabies globally by 2030. The National Forestry and Grassland Administration has always attached great importance to the prevention and control of wild animal epidemic diseases. Based on this, the One Health working group of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) sent a letter to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration for sincerely requesting that the prevention and control of wild animal epidemic sources should be combined with the prevention and control of terrestrial wild animal epidemics. The source disease monitoring station takes the lead in launching the pilot and monitoring of veterinary oral rabies vaccine, and contributes to the protection of human health, animal health and environmental health. The One Health working group of CBCGDF is willing to fully support and assist the pilot work.

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