CBCGDF expert: Why is it said that the EIA of Henghaihua Island's sea use planning is suspected of falsification?
2022/1/11 16:50:00 本站

1. Previously, coral reefs were found on the idle reclamation land on Haihua Island. According to the previous regulations on the protection of coral reefs in Hainan Province and the later regulations on the protection of coral reefs, excavation and landfilling are illegal.


2. Ten years after the completion of Haihua Island, it was found that there were no living corals within the range of 300-500 meters, and all of them had died. Many years have passed and they have not relied on the power of nature to repair themselves. It shows that in some sea areas near Haihua Island, the change of coral reef environment is irreversible.


3. In the sea area 1 km south of Haihua Island, there are still a large number of corals. It is not that there are no corals within 4.1km from Haihua Island as described in the EIA report.






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