How to Balance the Starry Sky and the Modern City? | CBCGDF Was Invited to Participate in the Recording of Beijing Radio’s “Daily News” Show
2019/9/29 13:35:00 本站

Not long ago, a piece of news about the "Special Plan for Landscape Lighting in Chengdu Downtown Area (2017-2025)" triggered concern from all walks of life. The plan proposes the demarcation of the "night protection area” and demarcates the night protection areas according to the principle that the bright area is bright, the dark area is dark, reasonable division, light and dark balance, and the source of urban light pollution is reduced.


A few days ago, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited by the Beijing Radio news broadcast team to make the "Daily News" show and discussed with the anchor Ms. Chen Lei around this hot topic. They carried out in-depth exchanges on topics related to "dark and starry sky conservation and urban development”. During the show’s interview, the two sides discussed the scope of starry sky protection, how urban planning in the era of ecological civilization and ecological environment protection are coordinated, whether it is necessary to establish “dark and starry sky conservation areas” in modern cities, and the current problems in Chinese urban lighting, as well as the international experiences in terms of “dark and starry sky protection” is relatively worth learning, the development of “dark and starry sky protection” in China and the expectations people for it.


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