Zhou Jinfeng Answered Questions on Tiaozini Wetland Conservation | CBCGDF Was Invited to The Global Youth Governance Summit Forum (III)
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The young participant: Dr. Zhou, thank you for your sharing. When you talked about the Tioazini wetland, it impressed me a lot because I carried out a field investigation there with Professor Tian Yang in 2016. During the investigation, we found that some local government authorities could misunderstand our intention. So, I would like to know what is your opinion on the relations between social organizations (including NGOs) and government when addressing environmental pollution and combating climate change?


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng: It's a great honor to have an important participant in this important work today. Without these young students’ action on discovery and appealing, Tiaozini wetland could disappear like other coastal wetlands. First of all, I would like to introduce the young student has been mentioned, Tian Yang.


It is the consistent effort made by those young volunteers that arouses public attention, even international focus on this issue, thus promoting the dialogue with Chinese relevant authority.


The work is difficult, but we persevere. Today we can proudly say that great achievements have been gained through the joint efforts of all of us. Sometimes, it is challenging for social organizations to engage in eco-civilization construction and environmental protection. As long as we stick to our visions, we will succeed in the end.


Many opponents criticized us for proposing to protect the Yangtze River, the golden waterway of the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River Economic Development Zone.

Until President Xi put forward the concept of great protection of the Yangtze River.


A 24-year-old girl was arrested for posting an article online to reveal environmental pollution in Xinyi, Guangdong province on the excuse of spreading rumor and causing public disorder. On hearing that, we sent lawyers to investigate and communicate with the local authority to protect the young volunteer. We didn't shrink back. After 57 hours, she was released. It proves that what we are doing is right. 


In the era of civilization change, there will inevitably be various conflicts between the new revolution and the old one. We should firmly believe in ecological civilization, our mission, and responsibility, and insist on promoting this change. We believe we can. Thank you!"




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