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Xiangshui explosion in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, caused 78 death on March 21. By April 1, 245 were sent to hospital and 2 seriously injured. On April 3, an explosion occurred in a chemical plant in Taixing, Jiangsu province. This is the third explosion in half a month after the explosions in Yancheng and Kunshan.


What leads to the explosion is a series of illegal operations, but no one corrects the unlawful behaviors. The root of these tragedies is ineffective law enforcement.


Are Changzhou school pollution and successive chemical plant explosions in Jiangsu province accidental?


 "The one who pollutes should take the responsibility" is the foundation of Environmental Protection Law. However, Changzhou School Pollution Case is a representative of incompetent law enforcement. Over 600 students of Changzhou Foreign Language School (CFLS) were found to develop chronic coughs, headaches, rashes, vomiting, and other uncomfortable feelings because of the environmental pollution caused by the neighboring chemical plant.


The result is that Changzhou Intermediate People's Court determined CBCGDF lost the lawsuit against the polluting chemical companies, and CBCGDF and Friends of Nature (FON) must pay the legal fees (1.89 million RMB) resulting from the lawsuit. The verdict of the second trial released by Changzhou Higher People's Court waived the compensation fees of the polluting companies and turned the responsibility of soil restoration to the local government and taxpayer. What a ridiculous verdict!


Changzhou School Pollution Case humiliates the environmental protection laws again.


Are successive explosions in Jiangsu province accidental? The accident embedded in certainty relates to our awareness.


A lawyer pointed out that, “the key is not legislation but enforcement; only strict law enforcement can avoid such accidents. Belated actions profit the public nothing.”


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