YU Yihua: Companies that Use Wild Animals as Their LOGOs Have the Responsibility to Support Biodiversity Conservation
2023/7/3 14:50:00 本站

Many companies choose the image of wild animals as their LOGOs to convey the brand's values and image. By using the image of wild animals as LOGO, a company can intuitively convey the emotions and images related to the core value of the brand through the image. This emotional connection can resonate with consumers, stand out in the fierce market competition, and win consumers' love and loyalty. However, for the use of wild animal images, is the enterprise obliged to support and give feedback to the protection of wild animals represented by its logo, so as to realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature? In my opinion, companies using wild animal LOGOs bear greater social responsibility, and are closely related to the concept of ecological civilization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

LOGO is the symbol of a brand, not just an image, but also a symbol of a company. The use of wildlife logos is often associated with positive values such as nature, beauty and strength. These companies use the image of wild animals to express their respect for the natural world and establish emotional resonance with consumers.

In other words, business has been benefiting from wild animals.

By actively participating in the cause of wildlife conservation, companies enhance their brand image and social reputation, and make a substantial contribution to creating a more sustainable future.

Enterprises' support for nature protection is actually the "integration of knowledge and action" in the era of ecological civilization. Enterprises that use wild animals as their LOGOs should be aware of their responsibilities in the cause of species protection and take active actions. By supporting the ecological civilization concept of wildlife protection and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, enterprises can become promoters of the United Nations sustainable development goals, practitioners in building a community of life on earth, and important contributors to the realization of global ecological balance and sustainable development goals.

(Photo:Chebaling protected area)

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