Grass Grid, Who Invented It? Thoughts from "Sand City Random Notes": National Self-confidence Is Seeking Truth from Facts
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Grass grid sand barrier technology is a method of sand control, which can effectively prevent wind and sand erosion and keep water. The grass grid is like a network of grass. Plants adapted to the desert environment in the grids which are like guards, building up "grass walls", and the "small brushes" intertwined in the grid effectively catch the quicksand and trap it.

In the Ningxia area of Chian, it is precise because of the grass grid sand-fixing method that the railway can run smoothly in the desert area for 60 to 70 years without being swallowed up by quicksand.

In the early 1950s, China planned to build a Baotou-Lanzhou Railway connecting Lanzhou, Gansu and Baotou, Inner Mongolia. This railway needs to cross the Tengger Desert in Zhongwei, Ningxia. This is the first desert railway built after the founding of New China, so wind prevention and sand fixation have become a very important task.

So, who invented the grass grid? Some materials mentioned that the grass grid is an innovative invention of China and a great innovation of the Chinese nation.

However, in fact, the straw grid was introduced to China in 1957 by the Soviet expert Petrov (М.П.Петров) - wheat straw grid sand fixation, China first used this technology in Shapotou, Ningxia. It was designed and guided by Soviet experts. This is the real history that I learned from reading "Sand City Random Notes".

In the past few months, I have read the book "Sand City Random Notes" written by Mr. Chen Shunyao. In the fifth chapter of the book "Turnaround in Calm", the source of the grass grid sand barrier technology is clearly mentioned. Petrov's contribution has played an important role in promoting China's desertification control work.

The grass grid sand barrier technology is an innovation introduced by China, and it is not original to China. It is necessary to realize this. What I am particularly touched by is that in today's era of seeking truth from facts, showing respect for knowledge and originality, and acknowledging the contributions of others are exactly the manifestations of our national self-confidence.

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