Liu Zejun: More Tobacco Control Content Is Being Added to the Construction of the Indicator System
2023/6/15 17:08:00 本站

On June 2, 2023, the Environmental Protection Cooperative Tobacco Control" seminar organized by the CBCGDF Tobacco Control Working Group was successfully held in the China Hall of Science and Technology. Relevant experts in the fields of tobacco control, environmental protection, law, education, health, etc., as well as leaders of relevant national departments and media representatives were invited to participate in the meeting, and discussed and exchanged views on the expansion and necessity of tobacco control work fromhealth to environment. Liu Zejun, President of Beijing Health Education Association, attended the meeting and said:


The theme of this meeting is very good. Now that environmental protection is becoming more and more important in tobacco control, we should think of some ways, whether it is urban construction or publicity, to let everyone have the awareness of environmental protection and tobacco control. Now, the construction of ecological civilization and a healthy lifestyle have been repeatedly emphasized. More efforts should be made in urban construction, such as the evaluation of civilized cities and the evaluation of sanitary cities, etc., which have played a very good role in promoting tobacco control.


Because I have been involved in the formulation and implementation of the Sanitary City Standards, now I feel that the new version of the National Sanitary City Standards is more vigorous than before in terms of tobacco control, especially the construction of a smoke-free environment. This is a direction for future efforts and a goal, and we must work hard in this regard.


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