Transforming a Challenge into an Opportunity: Exploring the Potential of Channeled Applesnail as a Valuable Protein Resource
2023/6/5 16:12:00 本站

Two months ago, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF)‘s Invasive Species Working Group conducted a field survey on invasive species in Hunan Province, China. Channeled Applesnail (Pomacea canaliculata) is an invasive species that has been causing significant concerns for Chinese farmers. Among the samples we collected was a dried Channeled Applesnail that had been air-dried for 24 hours. It weighed 43 grams, approximately the weight of a chicken egg, and measured 6.5 cm in length. Due to the potential presence of parasites, the Channeled Applesnail has been demonized in China. People are warned even not to touch the snails. And the most popular pest-control way is chemicals, which is harmful to biodiversity in agriculture – say, frogs, small-sized fish, will be poisoned.

No doubt it’s a good business for those chemical manufacturers. However, we believe it’s important to shift our perspective and consider utilizing it as a high-quality protein resource. For instance, could it be used in animal feed production?

By exploring alternative applications for the Channeled Applesnail, we could potentially mitigate its negative impact and even turn it into a valuable resource. Further research and collaboration with experts in the field could help us explore the feasibility and safety of incorporating apple snails into animal feed. This approach would not only address the issue of invasive species but also contribute to finding innovative solutions for sustainable resource utilization.

It is crucial to adopt a nature-based and open-minded approach when dealing with invasive species. By reframing our thinking and exploring alternative uses, we can potentially transform a challenge into an opportunity.

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