Thumb up to the 2022 Beijing Entity Bookstore Support Project Shortlist | CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop Advice to Focus on Second Hand Bookstores
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The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication recently released a notice on the list of Beijing's 2022 brick-and-mortar bookstore support projects. Support will be given to 317 physical bookstores in the subsidy, incentive and activity categories, according to the notification. The Low Carbon Workshop Working Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) warmly give it a thumbs up!



The notice shows that the 2022 Beijing physical bookstore support project has completed the collection and evaluation in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures, and has been publicized to the public. It is hereby announced. According to relevant regulations, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication will support the subsidies, incentive and activities of 317 physical bookstores (detailed list is attached). The notice requires that the project units that get the support strictly abide by the relevant regulations of Beijing's financial project fund management, achieve special funds, strengthen management, and constantly improve social and economic benefits. The industry management departments of all districts should strengthen the support, guidance, supervision and management of physical bookstores, and vigorously promote the high-quality development of physical bookstores in Beijing.



However, CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop has some suggestions. No “Second Hand Bookstores” was founded on the list. High-quality development means giving full consideration to circular economy under the constraints of resources and environment. Therefore, CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop proposes that a number of Second hand bookstores be included in the list of the next batch of supported by this policy to encourage the recycling and reuse of books, so as to promote circular economy and green development.


At present, the whole society is keen on garbage sorting, and we all know that a considerable part of daily garbage can be reused. However, the recycling of old books has not received effective attention. If the old books can be reused, we should strive to make them serve the society through reuse, which is extremely important for our ecological civilization construction. The most fundamental thing for the construction of lucid water and lush mountains is to protect our natural resources. Strictly speaking, almost all environmental pollution control needs additional ecological impetus. The support for the "second-hand bookstore", promoting the reuse, recycling and conservation of books are important ways for the construction of ecological civilization and high-quality development.



(Second Hand Bookstores)


(This article represents the view of the "Low Carbon Workshop" Working Group.)


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