Using Elephant “Green Flow” to Innovate and Serve Social and Economic Development | Zhou Jinfeng Talks about Ecological Civilization (Lecture 197)
2022/11/28 16:30:00 本站

In 2021, wild elephants went north and return to the south. For such a big “event”, when all the media started to promote it, they did not form a consensus. CBCGDF held a meeting on elephant, and invited many elephant experts from all over the world to discuss very clearly, why, how to do it, and how to deal with it. We reported and published their opinions and comments.

Last year, wild elephants in Yunnan traveled northward, which made a large amount of flow, but it was a pity that it was not effectively translated into sustainable social and economic benefits for Yunnan. We should find a way to change it. ??First of all, we must admit that the wild elephants traveling north have brought huge flow around the world, and Yunnan is fully qualified to turn the global attention to elephants into economic benefits. Instead of relying on elephant performances, we can take a long-term view, do not rely on commercial performances, and through other transformations, we can also achieve economic and social development and transform ecological benefits into sustainable economic benefits.

President Xi Jinping talked about the digital economy at the G20 summit. We should find a way to transform flow and innovation, and then put ecological environment as the first priority. Through planning, we let audience all over the world pay attention to wild elephants in Yunnan. The release of Asian elephants into the wild is a very good model. If done well, it will not only greatly improve the understanding of the people of Yunnan on the idea of ecological civilization, but also bring huge flow and bring economic benefits to Yunnan.



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