Zhou Jinfeng: ESG is a New Achievement in Human Civilization Development | Zhou Jinfeng Talks about Ecological Civilization (Lecture 168)
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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), proposed in the 1970s, evaluates the sustainability of business operations and the impact on social values from the three dimensions of environment, society and governance.


We believe that ESG is part of the process of human civilization. Industrial civilization is developing, however, since the 1950s ~1960s, it has continuously caused many environmental crises. All sectors of society have begun to pay attention to this, and believe that human beings need make change. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), putting the environment in the forefront, is a new achievement in the development of human civilization.


In 2020, Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and Clearing Limited has made it mandatory for companies to go public with ESG reports, which is a very clear and broad consensus. The US has implemented such a requirement before Hong Kong, and there is a similar requirement in Europe. ESG requires companies to consider responsibilities when investing, and to guide companies, economies and industries towards a sustainable development goal through responsible investment. Therefore, we believe that ESG is an important and new tool for the development of industrial civilization, and a development achievement of the entire human race.


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