CBCGDF Research Department: Heishanxia Water Conservancy Project Will Exacerbate Biodiversity Loss and Conflict Between Water and Sand
2022/5/9 19:26:00 本站

On January 26, 2022, the Research Department of CBCGDF held a seminar on "Water Conservancy Project Construction and Ecological Security". Recently, the CBCGDF Research Department sent a letter to the National Development and Reform Commission regarding the Heishanxia Water Control Project.

On the basis of the special report formed by the previous seminar, the CBCGDF Research Department will illustrate on the following six issues from the construction of the Heishan Gorge Water Conservancy Project: aggravate the loss of biodiversity in the relevant watershed, intensify the conflict between water and sediment, increase the risk of earthquakes, and the functions of water resource allocation, irrigation and flood control are not obvious. At the same time, we urge the relevant decision-making departments to strengthen scientific evaluation, full demonstration, and prudent decision-making on the Heishanxia project, so as to truly build an ecological security barrier in the Yellow River Basin.

The main points of view are as follows:

Regarding the construction of the Heishanxia Water Conservancy Project, a special report that brings together the opinions of many experts believes that once the project starts construction, it will predictably bring about the following six adverse effects, which should be highly valued by decision-making departments:

1)    Exacerbate biodiversity loss.

2)    Intensify the conflict between water and sand.

3)    Limit Water resource allocation and irrigation functions.

4)    Increase earthquake risk.

5)    Decrease flood and ice protection.

6)     It will cause the flooding of the reservoir area and the emigration problems.


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