CBCGDF participated in the Exchange Meeting of ECI Swarovski Waters School Global Funding Program
2022/3/18 17:57:00 本站

At 22:00 on March 17th, Beijing time, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation(CBCGDF) participated in Exchange Meeting organized by Earth Charter International (ECI) in conjunction with Earth Children's Institute and the Swarovski Waterschool Global Grants Initiative.


This webinar was hosted by Alicia Jimenez (Earth Charter Center for Sustainable Development Education). Bruno Maia (Earth Children's Institute) was a guest speaker, stating that the goal of the Water Schools Global Funding Program is to empower children, youth and communities around the world to become leaders for a sustainable planet. Small grants are available to schools, NGOs, youth groups and community groups from Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America working on education for sustainable development, addressing topics related to water, climate change impacts, oceans and more.


He proposes that if you are a school, NGO or community group and you have a project, an idea or a hope you would like to work with students on water issues, climate change, oceans or related topics , you are eligible to apply for small grants. The application deadline is April 21, 2022. Available regions include: Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.


After Bruno Maia introduced the project application steps, the exchange meeting entered the question and exchange session. Delegate from Africa, Victor Ayegba (one of the Earth Charter Youth Leaders) shared his story and perspective: Both teachers and students at his school believe that climate change is real, but it is determined by God,and it’s act of God. He believes that people must first change their minds before they can change their behavior. Bruno Maia believes that climate change is a common challenge facing the world, and many countries and regions are deeply affected. We are not only focused on innovation, but especially in school education. We still go further. We fund schools, provide them with clean and safe water, and improve school sanitation.


CBCGDF’s delegate believe that water, environmental change and education are interrelated and affect each other. We are facing common challenges, and the issue of world's water resource has become a major problem, which urgently needs global joint efforts to solve. In water environmental protection work, although human beings have made breakthroughs in the most polluted rivers and lakes and other places, under the trend of increasing biodiversity loss, in-depth work such as cracking down on illegal fishing and sewage discharge, and doing a good job in water and soil conservation along the coastline, It also takes more courage, courage and cohesion to protect the rivers, lakes and seas.



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