the "Reduce & Pick-up Plastics" Working Group of CBCGDF calls on exercising the right to green consumption and relaxing consumer public interest litigation
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The current unsustainable consumption patternshas brought increasing pressure to the earth's resources and environment, and the "Earth Overshoot Day" is coming at an earlier and earlier date every year. It is urgent to speed up the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, as well asan ecological civilization in which people and nature develop in harmony. On the occasion of the "March 15th World Consumer Rights Day" in 2022, the "Reduce & Pick-up Plastics" Working Group of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) calls on actions, to adjust our production and lifestyle, and tolead our future life with green consumption.

First, as consumers, let us exercise our "Green Comsupmtion Rights" and demand businesses to reduce single-use plastic products and excessive packaging.

Second, appeal to businesses to fulfill their social environmental responsibility, respect consumers' "Green Comsuption Rights", and adjust their services to reduce waste, excessive packaging and pollution.

Third, call for sound policies and legislative mechanisms to promote green development.

Fourth, call for the relaxation of the qualification of the main body of consumer public interest litigation. Authorize social organizations other than the Chinese Consumer Association to carry out public interest litigation in the field of food and medicine and other consumer public interest litigation on a pilot basis. Provide judicial practice support for the revision of the Consumer Protection Law to expand the qualifications of the main body of consumer public interest litigation.

Fifth, call for all conferences and conventions to adopt the Standard of Green Meeting by CBCDDF, to practice green meetings from various aspects such as biodiversity conservation, sustainable food, carbon neutrality and water conservation.



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