CBCGDF Invited for Comments for the upcoming closing session of UNEA 5.2 Earth Faith Dialogue
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On March 2, the International Cooperation Department of CBCGDF received a letter from the founder and director of the Faith For Earth Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), inviting CBCGDF to provide comments or suggestions on a joint statement of faith to be released at the upcoming closing session of UNEA 5.2 Earth Faith Dialogue on March 3. It’s presented as follows:

I am very delighted to inform you that the Secretariat of the United Nations environment Assembly has agreed to give the floor to a representative from the participants of the Faith for Earth Dialogue to read a statement in the closing session of UNEA5.2 This is an important development and is over and above the statements by Major Groups and Stakeholders that the faith actors are part of.

For this purpose, a group of active representatives of accredited FBOs, some who are currently in Nairobi participating in the discussions as in-person participants, and others participating online, have been exchanging and drafting the said statement. I am pleased to share the draft statement with you, as part of our consultation and inclusion process requesting your kind views and endorsement.

Please write back to me and my colleague with your views/comments or endorsement. As the closing session is tomorrow, we would like to receive your comments before 12 PM. Apologies for the short turn around time, but this is the nature of such events.

The statement is below:

UNEA-5 has been an historic moment for faith engagement with global environmental issues. Since the launch of Faith for Earth at UNEA 4, it has grown exponentially. 56 FBOs are now accredited and participate in Global Major Groups and Stakeholders. This year a series of Faith for Earth Dialogues was held supported by 94 FBOS. The series was opened by the Executive Director of UNEP and the President of UNEA alongside with ten high level faith leaders representing 80% of the global population.

As members of the faith community, we strongly believe that the underlying causes of climate change, pollution and ecosystem degradation are related to a crisis of values, ethics and spiritual responsibilities affecting the attitude of people in their overconsumption and production behavior. A change in policy and practice requires a change in attitudes and behaviors.

We Faith actors are present in every part of the world. We can reach billions of people around the world, inspiring followers in their daily practices. We are rooted in local communities and can provide practical, psychological and spiritual support to displaced people, vulnerable communities and all affected by natural disasters… We play an important role in helping communities build their resilience and disaster preparedness.

Ahead of UNEA-5.2, a coalition of faith actors came together to agree on a statement on the urgent need to address plastic pollution. It has been signed by 45 faith representatives and we continue to welcome further support for the statement.


The distinctive role of faith actors was recognized in the Medium Term Strategy. With our emphasis on values and enormous potential global reach, we are committed to strengthening our collaboration with UNEP and can have a role as a crucial constituency at the local, national and international levels.

Collaboration with faith actors at all levels, including to the Faith for Earth Coalition represents a great opportunity to drive transformational change in strengthening action for nature.

Best regards


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