CBCGDF’s Application for Government Information Disclosure about Nanyuan Dapaozi – Reconstruction of a Large Wetland Park but Lack of Relevant Materials
2020/7/29 15:19:00 本站

In early June 2020, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) policy and research department received reports from volunteers that the construction of Nanyuan Wetland Park in Fengtai District, Beijing, will cause serious damage to the existing ecological environment of Nanyuan Dapaozi.


CBCGDF attaches great importance to it, immediately conducted an investigation, and applied to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and the Beijing Fengtai District Landscaping Bureau for government information disclosure. The disclosure content is as follows:


Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources:


Application documents, declarations, expert evaluation opinions of the master plan, resource investigation and evaluation report, and ecological restoration plan for the Nanyuan Wetland Park construction project to occupy the Nanyuan Dapaozi A Plot.


Beijing Fengtai District Landscaping Bureau:


1. Nanyuan Wetland Park construction project documents, application forms, expert review opinions on overall planning, resource survey and evaluation reports, and ecological restoration plans.


2. The biodiversity survey report of Nanyuan Wetland Park's pilot area.


What is surprising is that up to now, both government agencies and departments have responded to the CBCGDF, and none of the requested materials are available. For such a large project, there is no project approval, declaration, biodiversity survey report and other materials.


The CBCGDF policy and research department strongly recommends that the project should be stopped immediately, and the preliminary work such as the establishment, declaration, environmental impact assessment report, biodiversity survey and assessment of the project should be prepared before proceeding. The rare natural ecological environment in Beijing should be protected.


About Nanyuan Dapaozi:


Historically, the aquatic plants in the Nanyuan area of Beijing were abundant. Due to climate change and excessive water extraction, Nanyuan Dapaozi has now degenerated into a seasonal wetland shrub and grass beach. Although the water area has been greatly reduced, Nanyuan Dapaozi is still the most important passage and habitat for migratory birds in the south of Beijing.

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