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On the evening of January 20, in response to the prevention and control of the "pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infections", Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, accepted an interview with CCTV reporter Bai Yansong and responded to public concerns.


Zhong Nanshan: According to the current data, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is definitely transmitted from person to person. There are two cases in Guangdong, they had not been to Wuhan, but their family members have been infected with new coronavirus pneumonia after going to Wuhan. We can say now, yes, there is a human-to-human phenomenon.



Bai Yansong: What is the difference between new coronavirus pneumonia and SARS?


Zhong Nanshan: The emergence of new coronaviruses is not only different from SARS, but also different from Middle East respiratory syndrome. It is a virus with completely different properties. The infection of the new coronavirus has just begun, and it is climbing, so it is less infectious and less toxic than SARS at that time. I think there is a difference between the severity of the disease and the transmission.



Bai Yansong: On January 19, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Wuhan was 198, but the cumulative number of deaths was 3. Does this number mean that it is much less threatening to people than SARS in 2003, or is it because we have accumulated the SARS fight The battle has a lot of experience, so leading to such a number is not too much to worry everyone?


Zhong Nanshan: There are two factors. Once there is a new type of coronavirus infection, we do accumulate a certain amount of experience, and the treatment measures are greatly improved than before. On the other hand, because the disease is at an initial stage, the current case fatality rate cannot be comprehensive, and I am afraid that it depends on the development of the disease. We should be vigilant on this issue. The current situation does not represent the whole picture, because the disease has just begun, and it is in a climbing phase.



Bai Yansong: In the past two days, there were a lot of new cases. Is it because we have used new reagents to make judgments, including faster and more accurate detection, or is it also related to some law of the virus itself?


Zhong Nanshan: There are two reasons. For new diseases, the reagents in different areas are different, and an authoritative unit is needed to further confirm, and it takes some time. Another factor is that the situation was different the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today, to a certain extent, it means that the disease is relatively fast in local development.



Bai Yansong: Compared with SARS, this time it is concentrated in Wuhan, and imported cases like Shanghai and Guangdong are good news for prevention and control?


Zhong Nanshan: The emergence of any acute infectious disease is not good news! In a certain sense, from an epidemiological point of view, it is not only concentrated in Wuhan, but also in two districts, which account for about 45%. These two districts have a feature, a relatively large so-called seafood market. The market is actually not seafood, but game and wildlife. According to preliminary epidemiological analysis from various aspects, it is actually transmitted to humans through wild animals, which is quite possible. But there is still a phenomenon of person-to-person transmission. This is the time for us to be vigilant.



Bai Yansong: what is the judgment of human-to-human transmission?


Zhong Nanshan: There is such positive evidence in Wuhan. Two patients in Guangdong have not been to Wuhan, but their family members were infected with the new coronavirus after going to Wuhan. After returning home, both families were infected with the virus. It can be said now that there must be a person-to-person transmission.



Bai Yansong: Because it is a new type of coronavirus, to what extent do we know about it and how far is it to know the pathogen?


Zhong Nanshan: we still don't know enough about it. We can only in principle, first, it is a new type of coronavirus. Some of the symptoms it causes are similar to those of previous SARS. Second, it is not clear what animal it originated from. Just words from all aspects of epidemiological investigations are from a wild animal. The possibility is relatively large, for example, such as bamboo rat and badger.



Bai Yansong: From the perspective of medical experts, including the whole medical system, how to face it, what should be done? How should ordinary people prevent it?


Zhong Nanshan: It is contagious. It is now transmitted from person to person. At the same time, medical personnel are also infected. It is necessary to be vigilant. Do not go to Wuhan without special circumstances; Go to a fever clinic for a cold; Wear a mask. Wearing a mask is still useful, in fact it is not necessary to wear N95. Because these viruses do not exist alone, they often reside in droplets. Ordinary surgical masks can still block most viruses.



Bai Yansong: Ordinary people realize what kind of symptoms they must go to the hospital for treatment. Is it a fever?


Zhong Nanshan: Because there is a lot of flu in winter, fever alone is not enough. Note: A person who has been to Wuhan or someone at home from Wuhan is a prerequisite. In addition, if you have a fever, you need to be vigilant. You must go to the fever clinic to see if this is the case, and do a nucleic acid test when necessary.


On January 20th, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the CPC, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission made important instructions on the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, stressing that the safety of the people's lives and physical health should be given top priority, and the spread of the epidemic should be resolutely curbed.


According to Xi Jinping's instructions and Li Keqiang's request, the National Health Commission set up a leading group for the treatment and treatment of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infections to guide local governments to do a good job in epidemic response and treatment. Hubei Province and other relevant places should further implement their territorial responsibilities, take practical and effective measures, and resolutely do a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control.


Some foreign reporters asked about the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. What measures is China taking to stop the spread worldwide? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on January 20 that the local government of Wuhan has adopted measures to control personnel who leave and leave the country and Wuhan.




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