Latest: Cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus in Beijing and Guangdong, both had been to Wuhan
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On the 20th, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission of Daxing District and the Guangdong Provincial Commission of Health respectively reported the pneumonia of the new coronavirus infection. Among them, two cases of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection were confirmed in Daxing District, Beijing; one case was confirmed in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.


Two cases of pneumonia infected with new coronavirus confirmed in Daxing District, Beijing


According to the January 20 news from the Beijing Municipal Health Commission of Daxing District, two fever patients with a history of travel in Wuhan admitted to medical institutions in Daxing District were tested by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention based on clinical symptoms and epidemiological investigations and experts group assessments confirmed cases of pneumonia due to novel coronavirus infection. Two patients have been treated in isolation at designated hospitals. They have no respiratory symptoms and are in stable condition. Daxing District has conducted medical observations of close contacts, and there are no abnormalities such as fever.


The National Health and Fitness Commission has confirmed the first confirmed case of pneumonia with imported novel coronavirus infection in Guangdong Province


The Guangdong Provincial Health and Fitness Committee released the news, on January 19, the National Health and Fitness Commission confirmed the first case of pneumonia imported from Guangdong Province with a novel coronavirus infection.


The patient is a 66-year-old male who currently lives in Shenzhen. He went to visit relatives in Wuhan on December 29, 2019. He developed fever and fatigue on January 3, 2020. He returned to Shenzhen on January 4 and went to designated hospital for isolation treatment in Shenzhen on January 11. The patient is now in stable condition. Guangdong Province has followed up close contacts.


At present, Guangdong Province is doing its best to treat patients, conducting in-depth epidemiological investigations, strengthening close contact follow-up management, strengthening pre-test and triage of fever clinics, standardizing the monitoring, screening, diagnosis and treatment of suspicious cases, and in-depth development, carry out patriotic health campaign, strengthen environmental rectification, do a good job of farmer market management, ban illegal wildlife sales, and comprehensively implement various prevention and control measures.


Shenzhen: another 8 observation cases were isolated and treated at designated hospitals. Follow-up investigations and medical observations are ongoing.


Experts have determined that the Spring Festival period is now entering the peak of transportation, large-scale movement of personnel, and the risk of new coronavirus infection cases entering Shenzhen will continue to increase, but the current epidemic situation is still preventable and controllable.



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