Linda Wong: Opposing Disposable Cups to Protect Our Planet
2019/11/28 11:41:00 本站

In early Oct 2019, I went to KFC and asked for a cup of coffee. I handled my own stainless-steel mug to the cashier aiming to save a One-time-use cup. The store manager refused me directly, saying that the KFC chain store has a strict policy: it can only use their own disposable paper cups for drinks, and no other cup is allowed.


I think this is totally wrong based on the obvious facts that: (1) Disposable paper cups waste resources and destroy habitats. They're at the high cost of biodiversity and carbon footprints. (2) As a consumer, my Green Consumption Right shall be respected. (3) The waterproof inner layer of the paper cups is usually made of plastics. Today, the "plastic pollution" has become a global environmental challenge, and the wildly used disposable paper cups aggravated this challenge. (4) The volume is horrible given China's population size. Statistics show that the KFC has 5,910 stores in China by the end of 2018. If a single store consumes 1000 disposable cups (hot and cold drinks) per day, it means that the KFC chain group wastes 60 million cups per day in the country.


So, I decided to voice and urge them to change. I talked to many friends who heads NGOs and received their firm and warm supports on this issue. Soon after, together, twelve NGOs joint statement issuing about KFC's irresponsibility and asked them to reduce the use and respect consumers' Green Rights.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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