Magnificent Seventy Years, Broad Steps of New Huairou | The 6th Beijing Huairou International Walking Conference Supported by CBCGDF
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On October 19, 2019, co-organized by the Beijing Huairou District People’s Government and the Beijing Walking Association, the 2019 (6th) Beijing Huairou International Walking Conference was held under the theme of “Magnificent Seventy Years, Broad Steps of New Huairou” was held successfully by the Yanqi Lake in Huairou District. As one of the supporting units of this event, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) invited international friends to participate in this walking event.


Mr. Xiao Qing, the Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, was invited to attend the launching ceremony of the event. At 9 o’clock in the morning, around 8,000 walking enthusiasts gathered at the North Square of Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. After enjoying the international dance performance, the kick-off ceremony was officially opened.


The route for this walk is 14 kilometers long. Along the way, the participants passed through a series of landmarks and nodes along the bank of Yanqi Lake, including the Dream of Red Mansion ancient capital cultural park, ancient pagoda tree and stream, Yanqi Lake scenic spot, etc. There are 5 certification offices in this walking conference. After collecting the bracelets of 5 different colors at the certification points along the way, participants can use them as a voucher to collect their own medals and souvenirs at the end of the event. At the same time, the certification points along the way have also set up display panels and garbage sorting points for garbage classification knowledge, used to promote and popularize the knowledge of garbage sorting, and advocate good habits for people to develop waste sorting.


The international friends were also fascinated by the scenery of Yanqi Lake along the way. Everyone passed through and stunned by the iconic landmarks of the Lake. During the walking exercise, everyone also enjoyed the intoxicating scenery of Beijing autumn and breathed fresh air. International friends couldn’t help but took pictures to preserve the beauty as an eternal moment, fully enjoying the fun of this walk. CBCGDF representative communicated with some international friends while walking. Speaking of feelings, they first thanked the organizers for providing a platform for such activities, and also thanked CBCGDF for inviting them to participate in this walking conference. They said that there are many similar walking activities in the communities o their own countries, because this kind of activity is not only good for fitness, but also a good opportunity to get in touch with nature, let alone to make many interesting friends. This is an activity that benefits both physically and mentally.


As a leading non-governmental organization in China, CBCGDF is committed to sustainable development and advocating ecological civilization in a new era; mobilizing all sectors of society to pay attention to nature, protect nature, and work together to build a homeland where people and nature can live in harmony.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF, Beijing Walking Association)

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