CBCGDF representative attended the workshop “Policy Research on Light Pollution Prevention” held in Hangzhou by the China National Environmental Monitoring Centre
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On 14 December, Officials from China National Environmental Monitoring Centre, Department of Atmospheric Environment-Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province presented in the workshop. Representatives from environmental monitoring centers in different cities and organizations like China Academy of Building Research and China (Guangzhou) Saixi Laboratory participated as well in the workshop.


The workshop aimed to point out problems existed in policy research on light pollution prevention, in order to submit better proposals to the pertinent administrative departments. The first draft of the “Report on Policy Research on Light Pollution Prevention” was completed on the basis of the research of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and other cities. Based on the report, the workshop was to improve the content and discuss how to address the challenges during the process and how to carry out the policy research in the future.


In the meeting, CBCGDF repersentative proposed the following four recommendations:

1.    Add content about the threats light pollution produced, which is the fundamental cornerstone for the policy.

2.    The making process should be based on the previous experiences in case of repetition of work.

3.    Solutions should be included as they are the essential conditions to tackle light pollution. Without technical support, the pollution cannot be prevented.

4.    In the Report, cases studies should be included as these are the practical examples for study and helps the policy-making process more operational.


In the meantime, CBCGDF representative also brought up five aspects in terms of strengthening light pollution policy.



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