CBCGDF Participated in the Formulation of National Standards for E-commerce Live Broadcasting: Put Forward 10 Recommendations such as “Banning Tobacco Propaganda”
2023/6/25 17:23:00 本站

Quality Management in E Commerce (TC563) held a consultation meeting on June 21 on the national standard “E-commerce Live Sales Quality Management Standards”. Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, member of TC563, Secretary General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was invited to attend. Mr. Ma Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, on behalf of Zhou Jinfeng, attended the meeting online and put forward 10 amendments, including:

1. The scope of application of this document should be appropriate to the subject matter.

2. It is suggested to add a chapter “Basic Working Principles” to put forward principle requirements for the quality management of e-commerce live sales, such as legal compliance, honesty and credit, fair competition, etc., to guide the specific normative content of quality management.

3. In the “Qualification” part of “Organization and Management”, it is proposed to amend “relevant commodity licenses and qualifications required by the products sold” to “relevant licenses and qualifications required by the products sold”.

4. In the “Personnel Allocation” part of “Employee Management”, it is recommended to define the “necessary” of “setting up a quality management department when necessary”, such as clarifying specific conditions, degree or scale, so as to facilitate actual implementation.

5. In the case of violations of the “Code of Conduct”, it is suggested to modify “infringing on the interests of others” to “infringing on the interests of others and social public interests”, so as to comply with the corresponding legal provisions of the Civil Code and the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, especially the legal provisions of public interest litigation.

6. In the “Code of Conduct”, it is suggested to amend “other acts that should not occur” to “other acts that violate laws, regulations or norms”.

7. In the case that live broadcast salesmen of “speech standards” should not publish content during live broadcast, it is suggested to increase the normative requirements for tobacco control, including the Advertising Law and Internet Advertising Management Measures, which have clearly “prohibited the use of the Internet to publish tobacco (including electronic cigarettes) advertisements”. It is suggested to amend “involves the publicity of the destruction of wild animals and plants, damage to the environment, waste of resources, etc.” to “related to the promotion of tobacco, destruction of wildlife, damage to the environment, waste of resources, etc.”.

8. In the case of “Product Removal” found through external channels, “violation information obtained through other legal and compliance channels” is amended to “other violation information”.

9. In the “Commodity Performance Information” of “Commodity Information”, since the commodities involved in e-commerce live broadcast need to meet the relevant category standards, it is suggested to add the content requiring the commodities to provide their “applicable standards”.

10. In the part of references, since the process of e-commerce live broadcasting involves the advertising promotion of commodities, it is suggested that the Administrative Measures for Internet Advertising be listed as the cited literature.

CBCGDF will continue to pay attention to the progress of the national standard approval, and will follow up the implementation after the release and implementation, in order to effectively regulate the quality management of e-commerce live sales, spread and advocate the idea of ecological civilization, and help biodiversity protection and green development.

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