Several Draft Laws Highly Relevant to Our Lives Are Under Consideration
2023/6/20 16:30:00 本站

Recently, relevant departments of China focused on deliberating several draft laws, including the draft “Law on Building A Barrier-free Environment”, and the draft revision of the “Marine Environmental Protection Law”. A number of motions were also considered, including the motion on the draft decision on the establishment of National Ecology Day.

As the first law specifically formulated on the construction of barrier-free environment, the law expands the scope of beneficiaries on the basis of protecting the disabled and the elderly. In order to accurately grasp the beneficiaries of the barrier-free environment in practice, the draft puts forward the concept of “members of society with barrier-free needs” to better benefit all members of society. The establishment of the National Ecology Day is to provide institutional compliance and guarantee for the in-depth practice of the concept of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets”, so as to make ecological civilization a belief of the whole people and the consciousness of all walks of life to take actions.

Laws and institutions are top-level design. Only when the system is well designed, can the country operate well, and can the interests of every member of society be effectively protected.

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