Live on CBCGDF’Media | Negotiations on Rules of Procedure on the Second Day of INC-2 Remain Stagnant
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On May 30, 2023, the second session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution (INC-2), including in the marine environment held plenary meetings at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, to continue discussions on rules of procedure that should have been determined on the first day's agenda.

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Many government representatives made statements. The disputation mainly focused on Articles 37 and 38 of the draft rules of procedure, which raised the question of whether the current draft rules of procedure can be taken as temporary applicable rules. Some countries insisted that the draft rules of procedure need to be recognized and adopted by all countries; Some other countries, on the other hand, believe that time should not be wasted on discussing this topic, in the event that it is difficult to reach a consensus among all countries in the dispute between Articles 37 and 38, the draft rules of procedure should be adopted for the substantive discussion that follows.

In fact, the dispute over these two clauses has lasted for a long time and has not been perfectly resolved on INC-1, resulting in the draft rules of procedure not being recognized and adopted by all countries. Article 37 of the draft rules of procedure stipulates the right to vote, while Article 38 stipulates the situation of "passing a resolution". These two articles determine the conditions for the formation of a legally binding resolution for each country in substantive and technical negotiations (such as voting rights, proportion of adoption, etc.), thus becoming the focus of debate among countries.

As of the adjournment of the meeting at 13:30 local time in Paris, all parties have yet to reach an agreement. An open-ended working group will further discuss the controversial part of the draft rules of procedure.

The CBCGDF “Plastics Reduction and Plastics Picking” working group will continue to pay attention to this meeting and report on the real-time situation with information sent back by delegates on the front line.

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