CBCGDF Sent a Letter to Public Security Bureau of Xuwen County to Suggest a Thorough Investigation of the Production and Sales of Fluoroacetamide Rodenticide
2023/2/14 9:00:00 本站

The Legal Work Committee of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) learned from media reports that a 10-year-old girl named Lu in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province was poisoned after eating bread sold in an off-campus bakery, and died after rescue efforts failed.


The appraisal opinion notice issued by the Xuwen County Public Security Bureau showed that Lu's death was in line with the death of fluoroacetamide rodenticide poisoning. The Xuwen County Public Security Bureau characterized the case as a "9.21 Negligent Release of Dangerous Materials Case."




Fluoroacetamide, commonly known as dimethidamine, is an organic compound, highly toxic, and a metabolic poison, often used as a rodenticide. In 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, the Supreme People's Court of Peoples Republic of China, the Supreme People's Procuratorate of Peoples Republic of China, the Ministry of Public Security of Peoples Republic of China and other Ministries jointly issued the Notice on Combating the Illegal Production and Sale of Banned and Restricted Highly Toxic Pesticides and Regulating the Use of Pesticides, which clearly include fluoroacetamide in the "List of Pesticides Prohibited from Production, Sale and Use".


Pesticides banned from production, sale and use actually entered the food field, causing serious damage to the public's environmental health rights and social public interests. The Legal Committee of the CBCGDF is highly concerned about this.


According to the Regulations on the Administration of Pesticides, anyone who produces pesticides without a pesticide production license or produces fake pesticides, or sells pesticides without a pesticide business license or sells inferior pesticides, which constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Article 63 of the Environmental Protection Law also makes corresponding provisions on this.


Based on the above legal provisions, the Legal Work Committee of CBCGDF sent a letter to the Xuwen County Public Security Bureau, suggesting to investigate and seriously deal with the production and distribution of fluoroacetamide rodenticides in accordance with the law, so as to eliminate the harm to society caused by the prohibited and restricted use of highly toxic pesticides. At the same time, It expressed his willingness to provide relevant technical and legal support for this case. In response to this incident, it is studying and planning to carry out environmental public interest litigation, and sincerely invite Xuwen County Public Security Bureau to be the supporting unit for prosecution.


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