CBCGDF Proposed 13 Amendments to the Technical Specifications for Ecological Environment Investigation and Observation of Natural Reserves (Draft for Comment)
2022/12/27 8:52:00 本站

In June 2019, the Guiding Opinions on Establishing a System of Natural Reserves with National Parks as the Main Body was issued, which clearly requires strengthening the supervision and assessment of the ecological environment of national parks and other natural reserves, and strengthening natural protection, land monitoring, evaluation, assessment, law enforcement, supervision, etc., forming a set of supervision and management system with complete system and strong supervision. It is requested to establish the ecological environment monitoring system of national parks and other nature reserves, and formulate relevant technical standards.


On November 24, 2022,the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the Peoples Republic of China issued a notice to publicly solicit opinions on the national ecological environment standard Technical Specifications for Ecological Environment Survey and Observation of Natural Reserves (Draft for Comment).


The Research Office of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) attaches great importance to it, and organizes discussions with experts in related fields. After careful research, CBCGDF put forward thirteen suggestions for amendments regarding the scope of application of the standard, normative reference documents, biodiversity, survey and observation methods, and quality control.


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