CBCGDF LCW Proposed Suggestions to Evaluating Guide for Resource Conserving Party and Government Organs (Draft for Comments)
2022/10/19 15:45:00 本站

Recently, the national standard Evaluating Guide for Resource Conserving Party and Government Organs (Draft for Comments) is now soliciting for public opinions. China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has paid more attention to the construction of resource conserving organs, based on long-term experience and practice in the field of green development. Therefore, CBCGDF has actively organized experts to propose for this national standard, thus contributing to the construction strong in standard, as the national first-class society.


In 2019, CBCGDF Standards Committee launched the first green meeting standard, Green Meeting Index. Therefore, on this occasion, the working group of CBCGDF Low Carbon Workshop (LCW) actively responded to the call, offered wisdom and suggestions, and put forward five revision suggestions, contributing to the standard work. For example, the CBCGDF LCW proposed to add such indicators as disposable bottled water control, and takeaway reduction in this draft for comments.



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