Mining Standard for Biodiversity (Draft) Is Open for Comments. CBCGDF Welcomes Your Suggestions!
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On October 9, 2022, the National Energy Administration released a notice on the issuance of the Action Plan for Improving Energy Carbon Peak Carbon Neutralization Standardization.

This Action Plan pointed out:

The standard level for comprehensive utilization of coal and oil and gas related resources should be further improved;

Relevant technical standards for comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, fly ash and tailings should be improved.

Relevant standards and requirements for recovery and utilization of waste heat, pressure and cold energy in coal and oil and gas development, transformation, storage and transportation should be strengthened.

We should promote and improve the standards related to the ecological environment governance of coal and oil and gas development.


Based on field investigations on biodiversity in mining areas, the Mining Standard for Biodiversity Working Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) proposed the Mining Standards for Biodiversity (Draft), combining with years of work in the field of biodiversity investigation, monitoring, evaluation, restoration, etc.


The Mining Standard for Biodiversity (Draft) includes basic principles and scientific planning, green mining, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization, environmental governance, biodiversity restoration, corporate responsibility, emergency plan management, etc. This standard will be applicable to mining area planning, resource mining, environmental governance and environmental impact assessment. The standard advocates that biodiversity should be considered and concerned in the whole process of mining area planning, construction, operation and recovery, etc, and biodiversity friendly mining should be carried out.


In order to ensure the comprehensiveness, scientificalness and applicability of this group standard, the Standards Working Committee of CBCGDF is now open for comments. CBCGDF welcomes your suggestions.The deadline for comments is November 10, 2022.


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