Wen Ying Talks about the Retrial of the "Changzhou Toxic Land Case" by The Supreme People's Court of China: We Have Been Insisting
2022/8/22 19:01:00 本站

The Supreme People's Court of The Peoples Republic of China held a trial for the "Changzhou Toxic Land Case", which is an environmental landmark law event. One of the biggest implications for me is this: China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has been insisting on this. As long as it is wrong, we must insist on correcting it.


At present, many places discriminate against social organizations in public interest litigation, such as lowering the level of filing cases, delaying case filing by failing to comply with the filing registration system, arbitrarily extending the trial period, and not forming a seven-member collegial panel for trial, and these illegal practices are spreading. In terms of substantive trial, no EIA or no EIA approval is usually not considered illegal. A blatant and obvious violation of the law is not considered illegal, etc. Some judges just follow the coordination opinions of the province or city, completely disregarding the environmental rights and interests of the public.


In response to these various mistakes, we have been insisting on correcting them until the Retrial of the "Changzhou Toxic Land Case" by The Supreme People's Court of China. The Changzhou Toxic Land Case was approved for retrial, which is the beginning of correcting the wrong judge.


Just as News China called us hardliners , we want to be hardliners that safeguard the public interests of the environment for a beautiful China.


Under the background that contemporary China is making great strides towards a society ruled by law, under the persistence of healthy forces in the field of environmental justice, environmental public interest litigation will definitely continue to move forward and contribute more to the construction of a beautiful China.  CBCGDF will, as always, do a good job in public interest litigation, and work with the people of the country to protect our ecological environment!

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