CBCGDF Eco-Site Working Group actively Made Suggestions on the 2022 Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival |Promote Ecological Agriculture and Conserve Biodiversity
2022/7/18 17:00:00 本站

Recently, the Office of the Steering Committee of the China Farmers' Harvest Festival  officially released the proposal of benefiting and helping farmers in the China Farmers' Harvest Festival, which aims to carry forward the fine tradition of loving and supporting agriculture, jointly participate in the Harvest Festival, and launch a number of practical and effective measures to help farmers achieve a high harvest and create a better life.


This September will usher in the fifth harvest festival. As a national social organization and the only national first-class society in China in the field of biodiversity, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) actively responded to the proposal and will vigorously promote ecological agriculture based on biodiversity conservation at the fifth harvest festival, guide farmers to promote the construction of ecological civilization and promote ecological balance in the practice of specific agricultural production activities.

After communication and exchange with the Office of the Steering Committee of the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival, CBCGDF Ecological Civilization Station Working Group actively prepared and submitted to it the "report on the innovative plan of the fifth Chinese farmers' harvest festival" measures to benefit and help farmers during the 2022 Chinese farmers' harvest festival ", as follows:

1. Hold public science popularization activities of ecological farms.

2. Carry out scientific dissemination of biodiversity conservation and biological prevention and control.

3.Carry out popularization and education on genetic seed resources for food and agriculture.

In addition, the above activities of the "2022 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" of the Working Group of the "ecological civilization station" of CBCGDF will also be reported to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development and share with the world.


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