CBCGDF: Indicative Biological Indicators need to be Considered for Environmental Assessment and Early Warning in Nearshore Waters
2022/7/11 16:13:00 本站

Recently, Zhejiang Academy of Ocean Sciences has publicly solicited opinions from the public on the "Dynamic Evaluation and Warning Method for the Environmental Conditions of Marine Functional Zones in Nearshore Seas" (Draft for Comments).


China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) attached great importance to it. After careful research, it is recommended that biological indicators, especially indicative biological indicators, be included in the monitoring indicators for dynamic evaluation and warning of the offshore environment.


Biological indicators are important parameters in environmental monitoring and evaluation, and the “Draft for Comments” only includes indicators such as meteorology and water quality, and does not involve biological indicators.


The distribution of organisms and their growth and reproduction status are closely related to their environmental conditions. Any change in abiotic environmental factors will cause corresponding changes in the biological world. These changes can be used as an important basis for changes in environmental quality. It can be said that biology is an effective "environmental warning device", which can comprehensively reflect changes in environmental quality. A complete environmental monitoring and evaluation system should not only focus on non-biological indicators, but also incorporate biological indicators, especially the use of indicator organisms to carry out biological monitoring, which is one of the effective and important means of environmental assessment and early warning.


The coastal waters are divided into different functional areas according to their natural attributes, social attributes and the status quo of the development and utilization of marine natural resources. The ecological environment of each functional area is connected and related to the health of the entire marine ecosystem. Therefore, CBCGDF specially suggested that the Zhejiang Academy of Ocean Sciences should add biological indicators to the “Draft for Comments”, so as to comprehensively and accurately prevent and control marine ecological and environmental risks, and build strong marine ecological safety barrier.

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