CBCGDF Advises the Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Strictly Punish Fraudulent Behaviors and Ftrengthen Independent Inspection and Supervision
2022/7/11 16:05:00 本站

In order to severely crack down on fraudulent acts of self-acceptance and self-acceptance for environmental protection of completed construction projects and effectively maintain the seriousness of the system, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has researched and drafted the Notice on Severely Punishing Fraudulent Behaviors and Strengthening the Supervision of Self-contained Acceptance (Draft for Comment), which is publicly solicited from the public.


China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) attaches great importance to it. After careful research, six amendments have been proposed and mailed to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. CBCGDF suggests strengthening public participation and supervision of fraudulent self-acceptance inspections, and making full use of third-party technical forces such as professional social organizations to conduct regular random inspections on the quality of construction project completion inspection reports, so as to provide technical support for accurately discovering environmental violations.


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