Great News! 2 Lawsuits Filed by CBCGDF for Non-disclosure of Information regarding the EIA Fraud of the Haihua Island in Hainan Officially Placed on File Today!
2022/5/27 13:23:00 本站

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) today received a notice of filing from the People's Court of Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan Province, in which it officially accepted CBCGDF’s two administrative lawsuits against Bureau of Ecology and Environment of Danzhou and Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning of Danzhou for not fulfilling their statutory duties of information disclosure regarding the EIA Fraud of the Haihua Island. Haihua Island, is an artificial island in Danzhou, Hainan, South China.



On December 31, 2021, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Danzhou City, Hainan Province issued an administrative penalty decision letter ([2021] Dan Comprehensive (Enforcement) Demolition Decision No. 0152) to Danzhou Xinheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd., ordering it to demolish a total of 39 buildings of the three (six) phases of the project located on the 2-14-1 plot of the No. 2 island of Haihua Island in Baimajing Town, Danzhou City within 10 days. This incident was reported by the media and aroused widespread concern in the society. CBCGDF attached great importance to this incident and reported to the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the PRC, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in writing to reflect the suspected falsification of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in this incident.



The “amazing” Haihua Island has been made of land reclamation at huge cost of coastal natural habitats & corals in Hainan.


Remains of dead coral reefs watching silently the high rise of Haihua Island in Hainan made of land reclamation. Experts falsified the Environmental Impact Assessment report to enable the project.

In order to protect the marine ecological environment, safeguard the public interest of the society and learn more detailed information, CBCGDF applied for government information disclosure to Bureau of Ecology and Environment of Danzhou and Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning of Danzhou respectively on February 9, 2022. CBCGDF has never received any reply from the above two administrative organs in spite of the fact the 2 official letters requesting information disclosure were sent and shown as signed for; and the legal deadline for responding to information disclosure requests has been long exceeded.

Please pay close attention to CBCGDF Media for the further progress of these two administrative proceedings.


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