Ancient Trees Destroyed Case in Leye, Guangxi Province Closed: Construction Company Was Sentenced to Pay the Fine
2021/9/16 15:20:00 本站

In February 2021, five over-100 years old trees were cut down for the construction of highway toll station in Leye county, Guangxi province. 54 local people filed a lawsuit against the construction company. With the local county government relative organization’s coordination and the Research Department of CBCGDF’s follow up, the construction company has paid the fine. The local forestry department has punished the construction company.

In March 2017, the construction of viaduct, toll station, roadbed, and all kinds of highway infrastructure has led to great damage of roads in the field, irrigation canal and road to the mountain. Five over-100 years old beech trees were dead. In January 2020, when the highway was built, all damaged infrastructure were not repaired. And the local people were not paid for their loss. Since September 2019, local people have been reached out for the legal solution but ended nothing. In November 2020, they filed a lawsuit to the court. On Jan.5th, 2021, 54 villagers made an appeal again to the People’s Court of Leye County, demanding the construction company to pay for their loss. CBCGDF has been following up with this case and made contribution to the close of it for the ancient trees are involved.

The case was difficult. After long procedure, the court has sentenced the construction company to pay 193957.6 yuan to the plaintiffs. Both the defendant and plaintiffs have expressed their conviction. At present, the construction company has paid their fine to the local people. 

The closing of the case suggested that everyone is equal in front of law and justice.

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