The Policy and Law Department of CBCGDF:5 Suggestions on The Yellow River Protection Law (Draft)
2021/6/1 16:44:00 本站

The Policy and Law Department of CBCGDF held an online seminar on the Yellow River Protection Law (draft) on the afternoon of May 19, 2021. Experts of environment, law, policy and other related fields discussed together and put forward five suggestions to amend the draft, which will further promote the improvement of Yellow River Protection Law and speed up the legislative process, so as to contribute wisdom and strength to the formulation of a good law to protect the Yellow River and benefit the people. Ma Yong, deputy secretary general of CBCGDF, made a summary speech at the meeting and put forward five suggestions.

The contents are summarized as follows

1.        In terms of legal positioning, the ecological security of the Yellow River should be paid more attention. It is necessary to not only retain those well-established institutions and measures, but also to be innovative in the light of practice.

2.        Under the guidance of ecological security, the law should coordinate the relationship between protection and development. To ensure a balanced relationship between protection and development, and to reflect protection in development, the role of environmental impact assessment should be brought into full play.

3.        It is vital to attach great importance to biodiversity protection.

4.        Risk prevention and control of Yellow River protection should be focused.

5.        The principle of liability for damage should be truly implemented.

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