CBCGDF Policy and Research Department: Environmental and Livelihood Projects Should Reflect the Rule of Law Thanking and Fully Respond to the Reasonable Demands of the Community
2020/7/19 13:32:00 本站

Recently, the Policy and Research Department of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has received a number of issues related to environmental and livelihood projects related to waste disposal, sewage treatment, etc., especially because the community has great concerns about the project's location and future safe operation, which has triggered resistance to the project. Therefore, these environmental and livelihood projects cannot be smoothly implemented.


To promote the progress of related work and solve problems, on July 13, CBCGDF Policy and Research Department and government officials from a certain city visited CBCGDF office conducted sincere exchange and discussions on a landfill project in this city.


In the communication, one official said that there are still a few people who are still puzzled or resistant to the environmental project being pushed forward. However, the project is regarded as a key livelihood project of the local municipal party committee and government, and the relevant administrative approval procedures are complete. Besides, they have always attached great importance to the demands of the masses, and have carried out a lot of preliminary work in terms of project site selection, environmental inspection and comprehensive evaluation, among them, in terms of mediation and communication, even more, a large number of cadres have been organized into the masses to explain. They also organized some representatives of the masses to conduct on-site visits and investigations to eliminate worries and misunderstandings.


Ma Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF, first thanked the other party for their special trip, thanked them for the hard work and sincerity of the environmental engineering involved, and affirmed several of their practical working principles. Ma Yong believes that environmental projects are related to people's livelihood and the construction of local ecological civilization. Therefore, good things must be done in accordance with the law and regulations, and work must be done carefully.


For example, whether the environmental protection safety measures of the project's environmental impact report are scientific and reasonable, whether it reflects the public's opinions truthfully, and whether information disclosure is achieved, etc. These are the necessary work links of the environmental project before the start of construction, but also to the public responsible for people's livelihood.


Ma Yong pointed out: The environment and people's livelihood project must have the rule of law thinking. It is recommended that the city formulate domestic waste management methods, use local regulations to promote the reduction, harmlessness, and recycling of domestic waste, clarify the management responsibilities of relevant departments, and reduce the pressure on domestic waste disposal from the source.


He also said that the public's worries about the environmental and livelihood projects are understandable, and it is recommended that a third-party mechanism be properly introduced to conduct investigations, visits, and evaluations objectively and fairly, and put forward suggestions for solving problems. In this way, on the one hand, the project is promoted to be scientific and reasonable, on the other hand, the concerns of the masses are eliminated, and the credibility of the government is established. At the same time, it also helped to establish a mechanism for public supervision and participation after the project operation, to ensure that the environmental and livelihood projects really benefit local people.


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