Sustainable Practice, Entrepreneurship Specialization | CBCGDF Head of the Practice Education Special Fund Reported the Work Plan
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On the afternoon of August 8th, 2019, Dr. Wang Wei, co-sponsor and executive director of the Special Fund for Practical Education of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), reported to Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng on the work, which included further development planning for the Ph.D. tutorial group, the verification and establishment of known schools with the purpose of “practical education and entrepreneurship specialty”, and the linkage publicity and activities of national university websites with Green Great (refers to the international platform of College Students Environmentalists Community launched by the CBCGDF); as well as the urban desert challenge competition of Chinese university students and the public welfare activities of green literature, the two sides have carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on promoting the training mode of green practical talents through the public welfare action plan.


After hearing the report, Secretary-General Zhou Jinfeng said, “this is a very meaningful undertaking, which will be strongly supported by the CBCGDF. Green development cannot be separated from the sustainable development of talents.” He also mentioned that public welfare undertakings, which social services will be the largest field of employment creation in the future, and he himself is willing to personally participate in public welfare lectures in colleges and universities.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng also suggested Dr. Wang Wei that the content system of practical education, especially for college students and young entrepreneurs, could be sorted out and compiled into relevant courses by referring to the policies of relevant ministries and commissions, including innovation training, entrepreneurship training, and entrepreneurship practice. The professional volunteer site of the CBCGDF's Green Great committee can also be combined with the "Creator Hero Gas Station" of the innovation and entrepreneurship practice site to promote the site and public welfare activities. For example, they could carry out public welfare activities once a month, start from a small place and make practical progress, so as to help more young college students with needs and ideas to practice on the ground, realize their dream of 14starting a business and obtain high-quality and accurate employment.

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