Zhou Jinfeng: Bookcases Entering Campus that can Spread Knowledge, Help Achievement of Environmental Protection and Promote Practice
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On August 6, Cai Wenyuan, CEO of the Circulating Bookstore Trading Platform "Yuelin", and four members of his team visited the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and discussed the placement of Circulating Entity Bookstores in domestic universities with Zhou Jinfeng, Secretary-General of the CBCGDF. Deputy Secretary-General Wei Tianliang and Assistant Secretary-General Zhang Siyuan also participated in the discussion on that day.


It is understood that, in order to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the deployment and further support the construction and development of entity bookstores on University campuses, the Ministry of Education recently issued Guidelines on Further Support for the Development of entity Bookstores on University Campuses, requiring universities to have at least one entity Bookstore in order to satisfy students' purchasing requirements. At the same time, the bookstore bears the functions of "helping students to innovate and start businesses, providing work-study, internship and employment, and creating a green campus". Under this background, the idea of "bookcase entering campus" came into being.


The so-called "bookcase entering campus" is to set up fixed places in the campus of colleges and universities, recycle students' second-hand books, solve the problem of paper waste, at the same time, relatively new and reusable books will be sold at a low price to meet the needs of students whose lives are relatively limited. In addition, the project can also provide the majority of students with work-study, internship and employment, truly combining "environmental protection" and "education". 


Zhou Jinfeng appreciated the proposal and put forward the concept of "container" on the basis of "case". He said that if the container-type entity stores were put in, they would be more flexible and cheaper, and could even be designed as "double-decker case" form. A little decoration could reflect the fashion sense, and such a way could also be used. In order to achieve "standardized replication", a chain store will be formed in the future. For the staff in the store, their main responsibility should be focused on "recycling", and the rest of the settlement process should be completed by students themselves using scientific and technological means. 


Let the bookcase into the campus, not only can let the old books circulate among more people in need, continue to spread knowledge, but also recycle paper, solve the waste problem and promote environmental protection. At the same time, it also provides internship opportunities, plays a certain social function, is a real green cause.



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