CBCGDF Zhongshi Anhong Green Public Welfare Special Fund was Established
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On July 26, 2019, the launching ceremony of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Zhongshi Anhong Green Public Welfare Special Fund was held in Guangzhou. CBCGDF Deputy Secretary-General Xiao Qing attended and delivered a speech on behalf of CBCGDF. At the same time, CBCGDF received a start-up fund of one million yuan donated by Zhongshi Anhong. Several guests put the donated waste clothes into the recycling bins on the spot and called for more people to pay attention to and join the public welfare action.


About 2,500 people attended the event, including employees, partners, distributors at all levels and numerous consumers of Zhongshi Anhong Health Industry Group. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Huang, the founder of Zhongshi Anhong, delivered a speech on behalf of the company, encouraging people with dreams not to give up.


Xiao Qing said in his speech that China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has long been committed to the cause of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, promoting the construction of ecological civilization and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.


This Public Welfare Special Fund aims to create an ecological industrial chain for recycling old clothes, turn waste into treasure, protect the environment, and implement the national sustainable development strategy. As a growth company that strives to take on and practice corporate social responsibility, Zhongshi Anhong and CBCGDF jointly established this China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation Zhongshi Anhong Green Public Welfare Special Fund.


The donation from Zhongshi Anhong will be used as a start-up fund for the ecological chain to build a recycling project for used clothing. Its purpose is to open up the recycling and classification of waste textiles from the terminal, the upstream fiber recycling and production, the downstream production of public goods and the repurchase industry chain, so that the old clothes can be recycled and form a closed loop. In this process, the discharge of wastewater and waste gas from raw materials to finished products will be reduced, and the ecological environment is protected. The road to environmental protection has a long way to go. CBCGDF will continue to mobilize more people to participate in this sustainable development through its own platform, corporate and media influence, and contribute to the country’s ecological environmental protection and sustainable development cause.


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