The Establishment of “Green School Standards (GSS)”: The CBCGDF Convening Internal Seminar and Multi-Representatives Providing Suggestions
2019/8/12 14:10:00 本站

School usually contains a large number of buildings, diverse facilities, dense population, and huge consumption of energy and resource. It is a part of the social composition, but also a large consumer of social energy consumption. To advocate schools to respond to the green development of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation, recently, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) held a panel discussion on the drafting of the "Green School Standards (GSS)" for primary, secondary and tertiary schools. In addition to the members of the GSS working group, representatives of stakeholders such as middle school students’ volunteers, high school students’ volunteers, and parents also attended the meeting, and actively put forward many valuable amendments during the meeting.


The school is always the best place to cultivate young people's "sustainable development" consciousness and living habits. According to July 24th, 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the "National Statistical Bulletin on the Development of Education in 2018", the data show that there are 518,800 schools at all levels in the country in 2018, and 276 million students in all levels of education with different academic qualifications. The best period of one's life is spent at school. Therefore, our school should attach importance to the combination of protection and education, actively explore the development model of a green school and also effectively promote the construction of a green school in China. Staying on such a school for a few years will bring life-long benefits to students. To build a green and sustainable school is not only to cultivate harmony between the young generation and nature, to foster a green production and lifestyle, but also to provide an irreplaceable place for the healthy growth of the "future flowers" of China.


The “Green School Standards (GSS)” to be issued by the CBCGDF is expected to provide systematic and normative theoretical guidance for the planning, design, construction and operation management of newly built and existing primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and higher education schools, to also provide a clear technical basis for the evaluation and development of green school mark in the field of Chinese schools.


Next, the GSS will be discussed by all parties and looking forward to the successful establishment of the Standards. The CBCGDF will make continuous efforts to contact all sectors of the community to jointly promote this Standards.

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By / Xue Tongtong