CBCGDF's “Recycling of Old Clothes” Project is in Full Swing Across the Country
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As the Chinese people live better and better, the standard of living is getting higher and higher, the trend of fashion has entered thousands of households, and the frequency of updating each person's clothes is also increasing. How to deal with excess old clothes is gradually becoming a problem that plagues residents. As the world's largest textile producer, consumer and exporter, China's annual production of waste textiles is staggering. Where did these waste textiles go? Most of it was thrown into the trash can, or it was burned or landfilled along with other garbage. The pollution caused by such treatment is immeasurable, and waste textiles have become a social problem, and recycling is extremely urgent.


At present, there are two major problems in the recycling of waste textiles:


1. The recycling cost of nonprofit organizations is high


An old garment from a fundraising to a delivery has to undergo a series of complicated procedures such as sorting, washing, drying, disinfecting, packaging, logistics and transportation. The handling is very troublesome and requires huge manpower and material resources.


2, Recycling industry chaos


Since 2011, China's industry engaged in the recycling of used clothing has experienced explosive growth. A lot of capital began to enter this field. The rapid expansion of the industry has led to uneven levels of practitioners and confusion for the industry of clothing recycling. For example, there are some old clothes recycling companies and “charitable organizations” in the market under the banner of “charity”, in the name of “donating old clothes to the mountains”, collecting old clothes from the residents’ hands free of charge. Then turned out the clothes are used for commercial purposes without telling donors.


To this end, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) has established the “Sustainable Resource Development Working Group” to promote recycling of old clothes throughout the country. Join hands with non-profit organizations from all over the country to establish a public welfare recycling network, promote the recycling of resources, reduce environmental pollution caused by incineration or landfill, promote the sustainable living concept of the whole people, and promote the sustainable development of human beings;


Besides, the “CBCGDF Sustainable” public welfare project was launched, and the recycling of various dry garbage including used clothing was actively promoted. CBCGDF will select qualified non-profit organizations to jointly carry out the project;


At the same time, in order to further promote the awareness of the recycling of old clothes, CBCGDF will continue to carry out small science classes in various residential areas across the country. If you have old clothes in your home, please do not throw them into the trash can. Please hand it over to the non-profit organization for recycling. Recycling resources can reduce environmental pollution.


CBCGDF's “recyclable recycling of old clothes” project has been carried out in Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Shanxi, Hubei, Liaoning, Guangxi and other places in China.


CBCGDF sincerely welcomes qualified non-profit organizations and enterprises across the country to contact CBCGDF to promote the “recyclable recycling of old clothes” project. In strict accordance with the provisions of the charity law and adhere to the principle of public welfare and socialization and work together to promote sustainable development of whole society.


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