Zhou Jinfeng Proposes "Human-based Solutions" (HbS) to Young Generation, Focusing on Climate Change and Biodiversity Conservation
2019/7/26 10:23:00 本站

Recently, while attending the 11th International Youth Summit on Energy & Climate Change held in Shenzhen, Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) proposed a “Human-based Solution” (HbS) to young students.


Dr. Zhou said that the HbS is a "human" solution. In the face of climate change and the loss of biodiversity, we propose a human-based solution. We don’t mean to understand HbS in a narrow sense. The human solution is centered on "“me”". In fact, both the crisis of rapid loss of biodiversity and the climate change crisis are caused by humans. The human discipline brought the sixth mass extinction. Who started the trouble should end it. It is because human beings are the source of all problems, so the only solution is human beings. This is the basic logic of the "human-based solution." From the results, the change of “me” can reverse the crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change. For example, “me” as a consumer can force changes to enterprises, social organizations, governments, international organizations and the United Nations.


Everyone can make changes every day; the only hope in our world is here. At this Summit, Dr. Zhou shared the following short stories:


Some time ago, he met with the executive vice president of a famous American university. The principal said that he was quite in trouble. "Because many students came to me, many questions about the students are about the climate. They said that climate change should be acted upon immediately. They asked: Our school should save electricity and say that the air conditioning temperature in summer cannot be so low, saying that schools should set up climate courses should be changed. Every student came to me and I had to take some measures to deal with them." Therefore, he said to his students: Every word of yours will change the world.


So, what are the benefits of HbS? First of all, HbS is good for itself and is conducive to human society's response to environmental crisis and sustainable development. For example, “me” just eat less meat, use less disposable tableware, drive less, drive more public transportation, buy less clothes... It is a huge contribution to global climate change and the global biodiversity crisis.


Second, HbS is good for business and social organizations. Recently, I went to a coffee shop in Shanghai to buy a cup of coffee. The waiter asked me, "Do you use porcelain cup?" I asked, "When did you start to provide porcelain cups?" She said, "For a while, do you have to use paper cup? We also have paper cups, if you need them." I asked again, “May I bring my own cup?" The waiter replied, "Of course."


It is precisely because there are consumers who have suggested that they should actively provide reusable cups, which makes more and more companies willing to respect green consumption rights and start to offer green options. This shows that “me” as a personal request has a huge driving force for companies production.


(The above is based on the live speech and has not been verified by the speaker himself.)

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